Does your skin craw when you see Nancy Pelosi? Does Keith Obermann talking make you throw up in your mouth a little? Does Rahm Emanuel just plain give you the creeps? There is good reason for your repulsion. They are evil!

When looking it up in the dictionary, it becomes clear that liberals not only align nicely with evil’s definition, but they seem to personify the very essence of it it’s existence. The repulsion you feel is a self-defense mechanism no different than the gag reflex when encountering something rotten, or the instinct to jump back when you see a snake in the grass. The good that lives within your person is trying to protect you from these malefic villains before they can poison your mind.

Here is how Webster defines the word.

1 a : morally reprehensible : sinful, wicked b : arising from actual or imputed bad character or conduct
2 a archaic : inferior b : causing discomfort or repulsion : offensive c : disagreeable
3 a : causing harm : pernicious b : marked by misfortune : unlucky

“Morally reprehensible” is Webster’s first attempt at helping us understand what is meant when the word evil is used. And you certainly don’t have to hang out long in liberal chat rooms or progressive websites to find examples of it. In fact I challenge you to join a site that proudly defines itself as progressive and read through the postings and comments and not come face to face with pure evil. You will find graphically depicted sexual spoofs that play out morbid fantasies meant to demean anyone of faith. You will witness deviants, with genocidal thoughts dream of controlling population-using infanticide. Racist scheming on nefarious social programs meant to keep blacks shackled in an economically dependent State sanctioned form of slavery. Homosexuals frequenting these sites letting down the “ hapless, lovable, and witty gay person on a sitcom” persona and letting their true lust for anything that society deems wrong run a muck. You will be astonished to find out that they actually delight in iniquity, they embrace the perverse, and they celebrate depravity!

These people are the worst kind of liars, because they have no boundaries, no God and no fear of sin. They can say and do anything, and I mean anything, with a clear conscience. Did you hear Obama when he said the that all negotiations on the health care bill would be out in the open, on C-Span, and then take congress behind closed doors to hash out their evil scheme? Do you think he feels bad about just outright lying to the American people, with the cameras recording everything? I know he doesn’t because lying means nothing to someone that is evil; it is as natural as breathing.

Evil hates anything good and that is the reason liberals hate America. It is as simple as that. Think about all of the good America has accomplished since it’s founding. It has stopped evil dictators, created wealth that has fed the hungry, invented life saving drugs, acted as a deterrent to evil regimes with evil intent, and has done it all in the name of Judeo-Christianity. In the evil liberal mind this beacon of good and tribute to God; we call America, cannot be tolerated. It must be changed, that is why they are called progressives.
I will leave with a few videos of liberals delighting in the perverse. Notice the joy they exude as they wallow in their degradation.

That twinkle in their eyes is the evil that is in them.

By conservativeBC