I'm sick of the MSM telling us how to think...

How is it not important to bring up these radical ties of Obama? You tell me why that is not important? The McCain camp needs to bring those issues to light, for the many people that DID NOT vote in the primaries, and many who have no idea who Obama is.
Not only does he need to refresh the American public on the nutcases Obama has been associated with, Rev. Right, Ayers, Rezco, Fericon Penny Pritzker, Jim Johnson, Frank Raines, and a whole slew of others who have helped Obama along the way, but he ALSO needs to bring his solutions for America to light. He needs to talk about the economy still, health care, how he’ll cut taxes and Obama will raise them, AND he needs to discuss how Obama and Biden are two of the most liberal Tax and Spend Senators in the Congress! Americans deserve to know the TRUTH about Obama, and not just spin the MSM pulls out of their you know what.
By bringing up Obama’s past associations it doesn’t show that Obama is the same as them, of course we know Obama’s no Rev. Wright or Bill Ayers, BUT it does bring into question his judgment. His judgment will be called into question when he DOESN’T turn and run when he hears questionable things, or learns of questionable things they’ve done in the past.
And DON’T YOU DARE tell me that Obama didn’t know what he had done in the past, or he was 8 when Ayers was bombing. Don’t feed me that BS. There is no possible way Obama didn’t know about Ayers, especially when they wanted to hold the democratic convention in 1996 and the coverage of Ayers was extensive leading from 94′ leading up to the convention. AND Ayers contributed to Obama’s campaign in 1996. PLUS on Sept 11th 2001 Ayers quoted to the New York Times he wishes he did more. You tell me how Obama couldn’t have known.
It’s nuts to say it’s not a valid point to bring up. It certainly is, especially if Obama wants to be our next president. His judgment better be called into question if he’s going to have nuclear codes. Who’s to say he won’t be easily influenced by other radicals? His error in prior judgment clearly came into play when he said he’d meet, without preconditions, the leaders of Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela. That serious cloud of judgment in making those remarks shows his past associations were not his only mistakes in judgment. His political upbringing in Chicago has shaped who he is today, and his clear naiveté when it comes to keeping America safe.
If anyone thinks I’m angry writing this, you’re DAMN RIGHT I’M ANGRY. I’m frustrated and angry that this great country that I love, this great country that my friends and family have fought (and many still fight) to protect faces the possibility of becoming a socialist country in the face of Obama as President and a Democratic run Congress. If that happens we should just throw the constitution in the garbage and move to Canada. So you’re damn right I’m angry.
Republicans and conservatives better wake the heck up and fight against Obama, Pelosi, Frank, Reid, and all the other nutcases in Congress who are driving this country into the ground. Now is not the time to say, “we need a Carter to get a Reagan”. Obama is far worse than Jimmy Carter ever was. If we do in fact need a Carter to get a Reagan than think of McCain as the Carter, and pray if elected he won’t run a second term.
Now is not the time to throw the fight, if Obama wins we’ll end up the next Venezuela, China, or Cuba pledging allegiance to our fearless leader…