Thank You, Mark Levin!

image from images.radcity.net Best-selling author of Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto and nationally syndicated conservative talk radio icon (yes, in my opinion, icon) Mark Levin just gave Patrick Hughes the opportunity to be heard by his millions of listeners. Unlike the McCain contingent and the party elitists, Mark remembers the votes cast by the Cap and Trade Eight! That isn’t entirely true, the McCain contingent agrees with Cap and Trade.

I’ve met Hughes and support his candidacy, yet I was pleasantly surprised with his ease and confidence on a national stage. He represented himself well and received the endorsement of “The Great One”! More importantly, he had the opportunity to speak to an audience of millions, which hopefully included a large number of registered voters in Illinois.

Given that Hughes does not benefit from the insider’s advantage or have access to John McCain’s donor list as does “He Who Must Not Be Nominated” Mark Kirk, the platform provided is very important. As a concerned Illinois conservative and huge Mark Levin fan, I am extremely grateful that he had Hughes on his show. Perhaps there are other concerned Illinois conservatives who have been wondering if the nomination of Kirk is a foregone conclusion (put differently, that the situation is hopeless.) Perhaps they did not see any way to reasonably oppose the leftist “moderate” and his establishment push. I certainly hope they will be inspired now to join the fight against the kind of Republican who would vote for Cap and Trade (then a couple of months later effectively say: whoopsie, I need you voters to ignore that and listen to my promise not to do it again), support partial-birth abortion, oppose any common sense restrictions/notification requirements on abortion, sponsor hate crimes legislation tucked in a defense bill, and seems far too comfortable voting like Nancy Pelosi!

Let us hope that Levin’s listeners will visit PatrickHughesforSenate.com and pitch in. There is reason to have hope, Illinois, Mark Kirk has not won the nomination yet! I do not intend to minimize the character and the candidacies of Judge Don Lowery and John Arrington, but I do hope these three good men can come together behind the common goal of putting a conservative in the Senate Seat once (yet ever-so briefly) held by Barack Obama.

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