Fiscal Conservatism, The key to prosperity

About two weeks ago our President Barack Obama, give his State of the Union address. With that being said shortly after the Republican Party (aka The GOP), gave its response to the State of the Union address. They picked none other than Mr. Fiscal Conservative himself Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan to give the response. The things that Mr. Ryan said were in essence very on point. However I have a tough time giving the credit to Mr. Ryan. Why, you may ask?Well it seems to me the GOP has really latched on to Paul Ryan as a champion for fiscal conservatism. He has even said himself that the government must tighten spending, and be more fiscally responsible. As much as I hate to say this Mr. Ryan may want to take his own advice. While I personally like Paul Ryan I was dismayed to find out that he was one of many in office who voted for TARP.Again I know that none of our elected officials are perfect by any means. However, enough is enough if you are going to talk the talk you better walk the walk. Like I pointed out one of my previous blogs about Virginia Rep. Eric Cantor. Mr. Cantor also champions Fiscal Conservatism, however he himself and pushed to increase is own salary, and the salary of his staff.With our national debt toppling 14 Trillion, and government spendingfar above and beyond its means enough is enough. I may not be an elected official however the solution to these problems are very simple. I want to see American prosper, and thrive again. I believe the only way to do that applying long term fiscal conservative principals and staying the course with those principals. I think it’s time to start cleaning our fiscal house. Here’s some ideas that I feel can kick start this process.Have the government start living within a budgettied to actual revenue. Demand and ask that all our elected officials in office take a 10-15 percent salary cut (Remember if we have to tighten our belt so should they). Cut or pull all funding to useless government agencies, and programs. Start instituting a Fair-Tax system, and put the government on an immediate budget. This will also help account for every tax dollar coming in, and going out.Absolutely no more TARP, or bailouts of any kind period!!! Not one more dollar or Federal Aid should be given to any country outside of the United State except in cases of Natural Catastrophes. Instead of downsizing jobs in private sectors, let’s start downsizing d.c. . In doing so remove or disband any special interest groups, or useless government agencies sucking up our tax dollars. These are just a few ideas may sound extreme, maybe far fetched. However I believe that they could help our country get back on track to becoming a prosperous nation again. Plain and simple Fiscal Conservatism is the only road to prosperity.