Healthcare Fraud

Let me preface my comments with these facts.

1. I am self employed.

2. I paid out almost $9,000 in 2009 for premiums and out of pocket expenses (I was in severe car crash which thank G-D I survived with no lasting injury)

3. My total income for 2009 was less than $37,000

Much as been said about this farce of a  healthcare reform, but one line is particularly accurate. One of the House Members during the debate on Sunday, made a very cutting remark that, if I remember correctly was,

“Let us bring some fact to this Kabuki theater.”

So let us indeed bring some facts. When healthcare debate was first reaching the boiling point (among Democrats) many of the main stream media were bringing experts from other countries, that had some form of government healthcare, to explain how wonderful government healthcare is. One such expert was from Israel, she (the expert) said and I quote, “Healthcare in Israel, is wonderful and you can just go down to the post office to change your policy if you do not like it.”

I lived in (Socialist) Israel for 2 years as student, and  I’m not sure which bureaucracies failed more often, the visa department, where in order to renew a 3 month student visa, appointments can have a 4 month waiting period, meaning when you show up they ask you why your visa is expired. Or the government run healthcare in which I went to a dentist’s office only to find X-ray equipment that hadn’t been inspected in 4 years and hygienists who didn’t wear gloves, to the middle aged dentist that told me to wait until I get back to The United States to get wisdom teeth extracted. But apparently this is the system of highly motivated medical professionals that we want working for us in our Government run healthcare system, Right?

Oh, and by the way the post office is never open , only in the morning for 2 or 3 hours, then again in the afternoon for a couple of hours.  And thats only half the week, the other 3 days there is an entirely different set of hours.

But on a more serious note, Israel does indeed have a decent healthcare system, but when someone is in dire need of specialized care, surgery, or procedure they come here,  this is not a freak occurrence, this happens all the time. I think we should dig a little and find out how many foreign nationals come here for quality healthcare. If we demolish our own healthcare were will they go? Where will we go?

On President Obama’s promise that this legislation will cut our deficit. Really? How? How can even a dyed in the wool liberal ignore the mountain of delinquency and debt Social Security is falling into and Social Security costs everybody 15.4 percent of their income, how in the world can this unfunded mandate actually reduce our deficit?

One more thing that I don’t understand about the healthcare debate is that there are many people out there that believe the democratic rhetoric that people are dying on the streets of America. The Talmud says “One who argues with a fool, is a fool himself”.

So instead of hollering on the floor of the Congress that it just costs to damn much (which personally, I agree with). Why don’t Republicans counter with better reforms that will actually fix the system instead of including 30 million more Americans into the broken one. We know that even the Democrats aren’t happy with this bill, the just want to go to the history books for healthcare reform, and hope that some where down the line they will be able to tweak the bill to cover everything they want. Positive action rather than negative comments on the Democratic faux-legislation.

Thank you for your time.