Heartwarming Down Syndrome Story

Rich Lowry has a very touching story about a Down Syndrome gentleman named Ian he met on a plane recently over at NRO’s Corner blog.

As a child, I had several friends with what is now called Down Syndrome (it was called a much less nice term back then), and in high school I was a teacher’s aide to the special ed teacher for a year, and I can confirm what Rich says in his summary:

From this brief encounter, I dare say Ian is friendlier, better adjusted and more considerate than about half of the people on the streets of Manhattan or San Francisco on any given day. Yet most of those people are perfectly unperturbed by the elimination of babies with Down syndrome in the womb. To hell with them. God bless Sarah Palin for bringing Trig into the world, and may he shower those around him with as much sunshine as the gentleman I met on that flight.