Obama's Gimmicks

Let us count the silly gimmicks that Obama has tried to pull, even if he didn’t consider them gimmicks:

  1. He redesigns the Presidential seal before he’s even nominated, much less elected.

  2. He pretty much demanded to be allowed to speak at Germany’s Brandenburg Gate, long a site of Presidential speeches, not candidate’s speeches.

  3. And his latest attempt, to announce his Veep pick by text message failed miserably, so of course people are whining that it got “spoiled by the media.”

I’m sure that people can name others (and I invite you to), but let’s look at what I think this indicates.Barack Obama lives in a fantasy world, where he can do whatever he pleases and nothing will go wrong; no one will complain, other governments will bow down to his wishes (including Ahmadinnerjacket?), and the media won’t spoil any more of The One’s secrets.

This fantasy world was created by the Chicago Democratic Machine, and is being actively aided and abetted by the MoveOnMedia.

This is both bad and good. Bad, in that if by some miracle he gets elected, this bodes even worse for the nation that the administration of President Carter did.

However, it’s very good for McCain and the GOP… someone this dangerously out of touch is bound to make other slip ups, and those will probably eventually doom him.

We need a President that’s grounded in reality, not fantasy. I may not agree with McCain on some issues, but he’s firmly grounded in the real world.