The Question that Hasn't Been Asked Yet About Obama and Ayers

Stanley Kurtz of NRO is attempting–with very little success and a lot of stonewalling–to get the records of Senator Barack Obama’s association with a short-lived non-profit organization called the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC). He wants the records because the CAC was set up by unrepentant terrorist William Ayers, and because Obama served not only on the board, but as chairman of the board from 1995-1999.

The obvious question is why Obama would associate himself with Ayers this closely. But, there’s another, far more damaging question that should be asked.

Why did Ayers (or his surrogates at CAC) ask Obama to chair the board?It’s not that hard to come up with plausible non-damaging explanations of why Obama would accept the position. Just for the sake of the argument, he could have wanted the experience without necessarily agreeing with the agenda of the founder.

But Ayers, when setting up CAC, would no doubt have chosen people who shared his worldview; that’s an obvious step. One would hardly expect, for instance, a pro-life charity to do their recruiting at Planned Parenthood, or PETA to recruit at NRA conventions.

So the question becomes that much more interesting… why did Ayers–or his surrogates, whom as I’ve shown would have shared Ayers’ basic worldview–want Obama as chairman of the board of CAC? What did William Ayers see in the young Barack Hussein Obama, who in 1995 hadn’t even been elected to the Illinois State Senate yet?

The answer could be very explosive for the junior Senator from Illinois. It’s no wonder he wants those records to remain secret.