Democrats Lecturing Republicans on Civility are Hypocrites

By now, I am sure that most people are aware of what has transpired with President Obama’s visit to Roseburg, Oregon on Friday when he arrived to engage in PR and politicization under the guise of caring for the families of the victims of the terrible tragedy. Short version: He was greeted by crowds that he wasn’t used to seeing. Over 300 protesters greeted him. Almost all of expressed opposition to either him, his gun control agenda,  or support for the Douglas County sheriff who is very outspoken against against gun control and has earned the ire of leftists who seemed to have flunked basic civics. In short, it showed that Roseburg was not Portlandia.

What happened next was the reaction from the online left over the greeting that Obama received from the protesters. Right afterwards, the left started saying that the protesters were “disrespectful” towards Obama. Well, if the Left and Democrats want to lecture us on civility and respecting the president and want to have that kind of conversation, let’s have it. I, for one, can think of a few examples where Democrats were less than respectful towards then-President Bush and then-Vice President Cheney:

  • I know from personal experience when I attended a campaign rally for Bush and Cheney back in 2004 when Cheney spoke that he was interrupted by a protester who broke into the room. Also, the Democrats held up signs saying various anti-Cheney slogans on them. Civility and respect, anyone?
  • One famous (or infamous) example of lack of Democrat civility is the 2005 State of the Union Address, when then-President Bush laid out his plans for Social Security. Democrats booed him as he spoke. Apparently, moving the goalposts of how much respect you must show to the President is a Democrat specialty.
  • And may I forget to mention that Bush was heckled and called a terrorist frequently, even at his second inauguration?

I could go on and on about various episodes of Democrat disrespect towards Bush (a lot more than Obama ever was disrespected by anyone). Yet Obama’s sycophants seem to think that he is getting all the disrespect. However, the historical evidence clearly shows that Bush was heckled far more than Obama ever has been. In conclusion, Democrats and the Left have no moral high ground to claim that his critics are “disrespecting” President Obama when they were a thousand times more disrespectful towards President Bush and at more frequent occasions.

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