Oregon's Former Dem First Lady Cylvia Hayes Pleads the 5th

Enough has been said already about the slideshow that my state has become over the resignation of the now-former governor of Oregon, John Kitzhaber, and his fiance, have become. Moe has covered it well. The Oregonian, the state’s largest newspaper (which has endorsed him every time for reelection) could be credited for correcting their mistake by calling for his resignation and keeping the focus on his Watergate-like behavior and the couple’s refusal to cooperate with state and federal investigators. The newspaper’s coverage can be found here.

Since John Kitzhaber resigned a couple weeks ago, Ms. Hayes has fought to keep her emails involving how her out-of-state energy company connections influenced state policy, including the state’s renewable fuel energy standard’s bill, which the state’s Democrat-controlled legislature appeared on track to renew before he resigned and despite concerns that it was tainted by Ms. Hayes’ influences, it was jammed through with little public input. But since then a few more stories have developed like this one, also from The Oregonian: Ms. Hayes To Plead the Fifth in State Court.

Ms. Hayes’ defense has come down to arguing that because she was never given a state email, she is was not a state employee. That is BS on several levels that I will not get into. She and the Ex-governor are obviously crooks and going to any lengths to hide their guilt. Her defenses are just laughable. Take a look at this one:

According to a statement obtained from Ms. Haynes’ attorney by The Oregon, “Requiring Ms. Hayes to produce her emails related to the conduct of the public’s business would be an unreasonable invasion of her privacy.”

If that doesn’t convince you that Kitzhaber and fiance are Nixonian, perhaps this will: Claim State Data Managers ‘In Trouble’ for Talking to Kitzhaber-Hayes Investigators. Sounds like Kitzaber really wanted his emails deleted so badly that anyone who spoke with the investigators was put on leave. Definitely reeks of Watergate. No wonder Hayes is pleading the fifth.

p.s. Combined with examples of high-ranking Democrats in New York and Pennsylvania being indicted for corruption and similar crimes, especially in the states where Hillary has ties to do not look for the party going into next year. In fact, I find a lot of similarities between 2005 and 2015 and these indictments are not going to end well for the Democrats in 2016.

p.p.s. As far as whether Republicans can take the governor’s seat from Kate Brown, Kitzhaber’s successor, it is going to depend on the quality of candidate that they can field in the special election next year. So far no one has filed, but there are rumors that Bend State Rep. Knute Buehler (who ironically was Brown’s re-election opponent in 2012 and is probably a bit too moderate for most people on this site) will run for the Republican nomination. Granted, It’s still early and over a year until the primary and anything can happen, but Oregon holds the second-longest record that a Republican has not been in the Governor’s mansion. Hopefully, this election will change that.