Rick Perry Is the Candidate the GOP Needs #StandWithRick


I can’t think of a single Republican who believes we can afford another 4 years of a liberal President. We absolutely must win the White House in 2016. The much-debated question is “How?” Some have suggested we adopt a socially liberal platform to appeal to millennials, while others have suggested we have to inspire and mobilize the base. I would suggest neither is the key to a Republican victory in 2016.

I firmly believe that the only way to win the White House is to show each individual person — regardless of race, gender, or economic circumstances — that conservative policies will make every aspect of their life better.

While some of the GOP candidates have briefly touched on it, there’s really only one candidate who has consistently, clearly, and effectively communicated that message. That candidate doesn’t just talk about it, either. His record as Governor proves the point.

I’m talking about former Texas Governor Rick Perry. During his 14 years as Governor, Perry showed the nation exactly what conservative principles and leadership can do given the opportunity.

While Perry was Governor, Texas added 2.2 million new private sector jobs. That’s the most of any Presidential candidate, and it was four times more jobs than the rest of the country combined gained in that time. I’ll repeat that: Under Perry’s leadership, Texas gained four times more jobs than the rest of the nation combined. If that’s not impressive, I don’t know what is. (Those jobs weren’t all minimum-wage jobs, either. Jobs in the upper-middle wage quartile grew 25%, compared to virtually no gain in that category nationally.)

However, Governor Perry’s policies didn’t just encourage job creation. His education policies led to more students being equipped and prepared to find good-paying jobs. Under Perry’s leadership, the High School graduation rate rose for six straight years. When he left office, it was the second-highest in the nation. The graduation rate for Hispanics and African-Americans was the highest in the nation by over 10%.

That’s what Americans are looking for. They want a job that will put food on the table. They want a path out of poverty. And they want an education system that prepares their kids for success.

That vision is what will put a Republican in the White House in 2016.

And your candidate might have talked about doing these things. Rick Perry has already done them.

Whether or not Rick Perry is your first choice, you have to agree that he deserves to be in the conversation. This is a candidate who has presented serious, credible solutions to the challenges this country faces. If you want to hear more of Governor Perry’s positive, inspiring vision for America, chip in $5 or $10 here to help him stay in the race. And help us by participating in the money bomb my friend Aaron Gardner has organized. 

Rick Perry can lead us into the brightest days America has ever seen. But we have to give him the chance.

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