Border Violence Traffic Cameras!

Nuevo Laredo, Mexico is one of three Mexican cities in lockdown right now due to the narco-terrorist violence in the streets.  Everyone is supposed to be off the streets and in their homes for safety reasons as two drug cartels, the Zetas and the Gulf cartel kill each other in the streets by the dozens every day.  They just found a pit full of 53 bodies outside of Monterrey.

Bullets are flying over the border into Laredo, Texas and have been all week.

Nuevo Laredo is supposed to be in lockdown right now–no one allowed to leave their homes.  But take a look at this bank of border cameras from Laredo, Texas, on the American side of the border.  Everything looks quiet except the bridge from Mexico into the U.S.


Now a closer look at the line of cars fleeing Nuevo Laredo Mexico into Laredo, Texas right now because of the violence.  They’ve been lined up at the border to get into the U.S. for hours.  Moving through…

http://www.ci.laredo.tx.us/bridge1mexhuge.htm (it’s a couple minutes behind but you can keep hitting refresh)

This is what will happen soon, the violence so far out of control that counteless people will shift population, overrun the border northward seeking asylum in the United States.

Just sayin’…