An Open Question To All Teachers

Recently, I have taken to patrolling the comments section in our local newspaper here in Ohio.  I don’t use the term ‘patrolling’ lightly either.  It’s amazing that so many union shills descend on a newly posted article so quickly.  It’s almost as if they are tipped off about the new piece.  But our news media wouldn’t do that, would they?

Of course not… but I digress.

One of the reasons I take the time to read through the banality that pervades page after page of drivel, is because (a) you see exactly how the enemy thinks, and (b) you occasionally come across a gem in the comments.

And today, such a gem lay there waiting. A true pearl of wisdom.

I won’t post the original comment because it was wrapped in sarcasm that would require the posting of several previous comments, and besides, I can’t even find — let alone link to! — the original comment because this particular newspaper has the annoying habit of deleting comments it doesn’t like, making it all but impossible to link to the correct page on their site.

So much for freedom of speech.

But nonetheless, the core of the comment was so simple, so brutally honest, it needs to be spread to the four corners of the nation by every one of us.

So I ask this simple question of every public school teacher in this great country.  I care not whether you work in the inner cities, the suburbs or out in the wilds of rural America; the question still remains.  And all I want from teachers everywhere is a simple answer, so please, pass this question on to every teacher that you know, because it deserves to be answered by every single one of our so-called educators.

Dear Public School Teacher,

If you believe so strongly in collective bargaining, if you believe that merit pay is wrong, if you believe that being rewarded based upon your job performance is unfair, if you believe that every teacher should be treated the same; if you believe that the only way teachers should be compensated is based upon how long they’ve held their position, no matter the subject they teach or the difficulty of the material that is presented, then please, answer me this:

Why do you grade your students individually ?