Dealing Effectively with Iran

Tehran has been taking lessons from Saddam’s old playbook.  AP reported, “UN nuclear inspectors revisiting an Iranian laboratory suspected of involvement in a nuclear weapons program discovered that equipment has been removed, diplomats said Friday.”

The IAEA discovered that Iran has been running pyroprocessing experiments.  This process purifies uranium metal for use in nuclear warheads.  While Iran is claiming they backed off experiments back in March, they have removed the equipment for the inspection sites.  In the mean time President Obama is allowing Russia to sell Iran the S-300 surface to air missile systems.  Iran has been nothing but deceitful in their actions towards the world.  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has publicly called for the destruction of Israel and they have enough nuclear materials for two bombs.

We need leaders in Congress and President Obama to do something real against Iran.  Allowing the sale of advanced defensive weapons is not real.  It is not even remotely tough.  Obama continues to demonstrate in the past year that the US is unwilling to stand up to the Mullahs.

Here is how we can have effective sanctions to shut down the Iranian Regime. Start with all of the Gulf States cutting off all trade with Iran, and then they should up oil production to drive down the price to bankrupt the regime. Lastly, set up a naval blockade and prevent Iran from importing anything, including refined gasoline, further crippling the regime.

Acts of war you say? Iran is already in a covert war with many of its Arab neighbors, Israel and the United States; it’s time we as a coalition fight back effectively with out of the box ideas.

What reason does Tehran have to comply with the demands to disarm by the world?  At this point, they do not really have any.  More and more they will continue to build up both an offensive and defensive arsenal placing them in prime position as a nuclear power just crazy enough to possibly use it. The concept of Mutually Assured Destruction will not work with Iran, Obama and the Democrats need to face reality or the end of the world as we know it is a lot closer than we think.