Precedence to Control Your Food

The FDA recently made the decision they are going to regulate what we eat. There has been talk for years about limiting the amount of salt and other ingredients in foods but now it looks like their oppressive agenda will be arriving shortly.

The Institute of Medicine has recommended the FDA should regulate and systematically reduce the levels of salt in our food. Or in other words, control our lives. Over the next 10 years the plan is to reduce the levels of salt to approximately 2,300 mg & 1,500 mg per day and set maximum levels of salt in food at restaurants.

This unprecedented move, if successful, will only be the first.

A professor of epidemiology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Michael Alderman, said “[O]ver the past generation, while sodium intake in the United States appears to be increasing, deaths from heart attacks and strokes have declined by half,” Alderman wrote. “It is also possible that a change in this single dietary element might disturb unknown nutritional interactions and thus generate other as yet unrecognized effects, good or bad.”

The issue isn’t that reducing salt levels will necessarily make us healthier but instead to set a precedent that the Federal government can control our lives.

It seems the executive branch of the government and the agencies that are accountable to it feel it’s in our best interest to control everything.  Again, in an unprecedented move the FCC determined they would take control of the Internet to solve a problem that has been proven to have occurred only once, ever.

The propaganda and deceit is absurd.  They ignore the will of the people and rule by oppression.  How do they do this?  They create precedence through small means that will allow larger changes come to fruition in the future when they seek to regulate more and more of our lives.