Global Warming Now a Religious Issue?

Recently, under direction of President Obama, there were recommendations made by the President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, on a variety of issues.  One of which just happened to be Global Warming.

According to the report, “The charge from President Barack Obama to the President’s Advisory Council on Faith- Based and Neighborhood Partnerships is, in part, to focus on how those partnerships can benefit persons and families who often experience barriers to full participation in the Nation’s abundance.”

They have created nine recommendations to involve the “disadvantaged” in community, faith based initiatives.

The first three recommendations are intended to promote energy efficiency and create green jobs.  They think we should expand the EPA by adding employee representatives from the Council at the EPA and their regional offices.  The next two recommendations are to start an environmental education campaign including utilizing Environment.gov to push this campaign.  The sixth recommendation is about supporting sustainable community gardening and small-scale farming.  The last three recommend implementing a task force to help with climate change adaptation.

President Obama has proven he will use any avenue he can to persuade Americans that Global Warming is, in fact, real.  With recommendations from a faith-based council President Obama thinks he can sway moderate Republicans via “Global Warming” education, green jobs, and more government spending, or in other words, propaganda.

This will not work.  We cannot let them spend more money on this baseless, politicized issue that NO ONE on the left is willing to vet.  Countless times Congress and the President have proven that to them, ignorance truly is bliss.  Never mind selling out our children’s financial future.  Never mind destroying US manufacturing.  Never mind tax oppression to pay for the obscene cost of government.  Never mind the Constitution.  Using religious leaders won’t sway the American people because we’ve been through this one too many times during Obama’s Presidency.

We know God obligated us to be stewards of this great planet of ours.  It is not going to cost us billions of dollars and our future to fulfill this obligation.  All it is going to require is us stopping this trillion dollar mistake and pay no attention to the smokescreens the Left is throwing our way and let the real conservationists meet that obligation.

Download the full report here.  This section starts on page 53.