Cap & Trade: 1st Degree Larceny

I read an interesting article on the American Thinker where the author showed an interesting theme from this C&T bill.

The entire purpose of C&T is to put a cap on CO2 emissions. “Presently, 40 percent of CO2 emissions in the United States are derived from electricity generation, 35 percent from transportation, and 25 percent from business, industry, and natural gas to heat homes.”

The current goal in the Senate bill which came from the House bill is to reduce emissions by 17%.  So where will this 17% come from?  I wrote last week about the emissions exchange in Chicago and they’ve even said this will be a $10 trillion market.  This sets up Richard Sandor (patent holder of the exchange), Al Gore, Goldman-Sachs and others to make billions of dollars.

On top of that Government Officials have increased their estimate of tax revenue from C&T to be between $1.3 and $1.4 trillion.  So the obscene politicians that are pushing this are going to first make a ton of cash for their own pockets, but then take all our money for their federal coffers.

The Wallstreet Journal reported that “excess revenues from any cap and trade bill that passes Congress will be used to compensate vulnerable families, communities and businesses.”

Hints of redistribution of wealth?  Actually, it’s pretty explicit if you ask me.  Take our money, make themselves rich, then give whatever is left to “compensate” the “vulnerable” or, redistribute our money to those who haven’t earned it.  This may include the three years of 70% unemployment that unemployed get when a job is lost to overseas manufacturing.  After they redistribute wealth here in the US, the world is their next target.

By reducing Co2 emissions by 17% they will also be simultaneously reducing the number of manufacturing jobs available in the US.  By forcing these jobs overseas they will also be redistributing wealth to the rest of world by giving those jobs to others that belong to the American people.

Inevitably inflation will hit.  It is unavoidable.  Energy prices WILL go up, goods and services will be more expensive, unemployment will increase from even more manufacturing going overseas and more and more people will have no health insurance because we’re paying for a terrible healthcare bill that doesn’t even start for 4 years.

Why are we the lucky ones to be oppressed by the left?  Because of some junk science that claims falsehoods and fabricated lies so those liars will be able to steal our money.