Isn’t Government Supposed to Protect Us? Not Dumb Luck?

The numerous media reports from this past weekend seem to be more about minimizing the political damage than about reporting the real implications. Repeatedly from the likes of Janet Napolitano, twice referring to it as a “one-off attack” to NY Senator Chuck Schumer stating it was a “lone wolf” attack to NYC Mayor Bloomberg speculating that the attacker could be a mentally deranged person upset with the Obama administration’s new health care policy. Unfortunately we have to get the real implications from Stephen Colbert rather than the “real” media as you can see in a video here.

It comes down to these two things. As much as they’d like to convince us this was a pathetic, incompetent, amateurish attack it was still an attack. Second, if it were an individual acting alone, it would be almost impossible to detect prior to execution. But a multi-participant event would provide many more opportunities to disrupt it, if our current Administration were really trying.

Not that long ago, other attackers were called “isolated extremists” by our President, despite ample evidence that the Christmas bomber on a flight into Detroit clearly did not act alone, nor did the Fort Hood shooter. Can you see the pattern here?

Our government is failing miserably in their primary role, which is, protecting the citizens of the United States of America. We shouldn’t have to depend on “dumb luck” to keep us safe. What does Janet Napolitano have to say about it? Virtually nothing. No explanation. No answer why this person who was recently put on the “no-fly” list was able to board a plane. No answer as to how this amateur as they called him, managed to almost kill hundreds of Americans.

Let’s see what Napolitano’s “amateur” could have done:

New York Daily News reported from Kevin Barry, a retired NYPD bomb squad supervisor and the head of the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators,

“‘Several hundred’ could have been killed or maimed by a fireball exploding from the Nissan Pathfinder found loaded down with firecrackers, fertilizer, gasoline, propane and alarm clocks.

“The propane-fueled flames wouldn’t have brought down any buildings and would have lasted only a few seconds, but with flames shooting as high as 30 feet, the toll on people nearby would have been devastating, Barry said.

“The fireball would have caused horrific lung damage and fried the hair and faces of anyone within a 50-yard radius.

“‘It could burn the throat and then cause death. It’s a difficult thing to deal with,’ Barry said. “‘We came within a millisecond,’ added Barry, who put in 35 years with the NYPD, the last 20 years on the bomb squad. ‘Because had that detonator functioned correctly, we would have had a huge explosion.’

“Luckily, Barry said, the crude car bomb’s homemade detonator malfunctioned. “‘It may not have been sophisticated,’ Barry said of the bomb.’ [But] it worked. It didn’t function as he designed it to. The main charge did not go off. That was a critical mistake for him.'”

Colbert was right, this is pretty scary. There have been far too many instances where our national security has been compromised since President Obama has been in the Whitehouse. We need to be DEMANDING that Janet Napolitano resign from her post as Homeland Security Secretary. It is time for our government to FINALLY start acting the way it should and protect America from even “amateurish” attacks.