A Simple, Common-Sense Solution to Emission-Free, Clean Energy

Drill here- drill now has been my mantra for a long time, to help break our dependence on the world for energy.  Simultaneously, we need nuclear power.  For 50 years the US Navy has safely sailed around the world on nuclear power and it’s time for us to bring that technology ashore.

Bill Gates, along with Toshiba, are in the process of developing a small nuclear reactor that can run continuously for 100 years without any refueling.  Currently, Toshiba’s US based partner; Westinghouse, has already built a model that can run up to 30 years continuously.  The left propagates their unwavering desire for clean energy yet the refuse to sit down and really talk about fixing our energy problem.

Imagine a small nuclear reactor that any city or rural town could buy to significantly drop the cost of energy and help maintain a clean environment.  It will be here soon.  While small villages in Alaska are running on diesel generators that can cost close to $12 a gallon to fuel they could soon take advantage of technology we ALREADY have.  So much of Obama’s Presidential Campaign regarding clean energy was that technology is “right around the corner” that would enable us to be independent and clean.  Well, we actually have it now.  While Gates and Toshiba have yet to reach the 100 year mark on their small reactors, even using a generator that has a 30 year capacity without refueling is far better than anything wind energy will ever have to offer us – and we can put them anywhere.

It’s time to just ignore the left.  It’s time to ignore their misconceptions and irrational arguments against nuclear power and start to make choices that will actually benefit all Americans, rich and poor.  Boost job growth with lower energy costs.  Create permanent, high-tech jobs to build and manage these plants.  While it frustrates the left, the simple, common-sense answer truly can have an positive impact.