From Healthcare to Amnesty: An Indication of the Future

By Doug Mitchell

A week ago Sunday there were actually two things going on. First, the demise of our healthcare system that 57% of Americans were against. Second, allegedly tens of thousands of immigrants rallied for amnesty in Washington. I’ve heard many people lately asking how the Democrats can have the audacity to act against the American people and still expect to stay in office.

Well. What would an additional 8 million and counting voters do? Obama has been making more and more mentions of his campaign promise to tackle immigration reform saying,

“I have always pledged to be your partner as we work to fix our broken immigration system, and that’s a commitment that I reaffirm today.”

Obama’s pledge to fix a system that isn’t actually broken is frightening.  Immigration isn’t broken, it’s just not enforced.  Of course Obama’s changes don’t mean to start enforcing, rather, offer amnesty to all illegal aliens and essentially securing the 2010 election year.

Much like healthcare, a majority of Americans are against amnesty and the type of reform team Obama would pursue but now they have proven they just don’t care what the American people think.  This battle is not over and 2010 is still going to be a long year for a lot of us.  The President and Democratic leadership have spoken.  Now it’s time that we speak.  Now it’s time we make sure they can’t pass anymore legislation that will destroy our Nation’s economy and Constitution.  If not it will turn into the passage of cap and trade and any other form of legislation that will steal our liberties.

They think we’re going to give up after this enormous defeat and blatant disregard of the people.  We’re not.  We’re going to fight harder.  We’re going to fight longer.  We’re going to make sure every representative that voted for healthcare and pushes illegal amnesty will know for a fact they will not be around after November.  We need to stick to our values and make sure amnesty doesn’t pass.  The audacity of their corruption will not cease unless we put it to a stop.