The Constitution: Built to Last

Many of you are probably familiar with Jim Collins, or at least one of his books, Built to Last.  Jim Collins has written a lot about building world class companies that will be around seemingly forever.  In his book Built to Last he talks about the core values of a business.

Collins basically says that in order for a company to succeed they must have core values that define their organization.  Specifically, he defines core values as credos that do not change.  Core values don’t evolve, they don’t change – they always remain the same.  Having core values that are written in stone enable a company to always make the right decision like Johnson  & Johnson did with their cyanide in the Tylenol back in the 80’s. Local companies like Pella based Vermeer Corporation exemplify the best of Iowa and America. Without these unchanging core values a company has nothing to go back to or to rely on when faced with difficulty or trying times.

Our founding fathers gave us the core values we need to succeed as a nation – the Constitution.  The core values outlined in the Constitution do not evolve and they do not change without amending them with approval by the people.  America was built to last.

With recent passage of healthcare and blatant disregard of the people we are now faced with a choice.  We can continue going down this very unclear path or we can return to our core values.  We can return to the Constitution.  What’s most frustrating about current Congressional leadership and President Obama is that not only do they demonstrate a complete disregard for the people, but they completely disregard the Constitution of which they’ve promised to defend; as though it had little or no purpose in our times.  Much like a company without strong core values, a country without strong core values cannot succeed.

We the people need to return to the Constitution.  We need to return government back to its originally dictated form.  We need a government that works for the people, not against the people.  We need a government that promotes innovation and individual success.  We need a government that promotes American Exceptionalism which in reality is nothing more than individual exceptionalism.  Meaning the ability to become anything you choose to become.  The ability to create anything you want to create.  The ability to overcome all obstacles and find true success is a core value of America.

The only reason America has become such an iconic country that the world wants to become like is because of our core values.  No matter what world leaders say, their people still want to come to America to seek out individual success.  It’s because our Founding Fathers knew a country with limited government that focused on the individual would become great.

Our core values are under attack.  Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are being replaced with higher taxes and stolen freedom.  It’s time to return to the Constitution.  It’s time to return to our core values.  If we do this we will succeed because the power of the opposition, no matter how strong, can never make us falter.  We aren’t fighting for the core values of the Republican Party.  We are fighting for the core values of America and what America represents to the world.