Congress Has Failed Us Yet Again

Leonard Boswell and the Democrats in Washington have force fed the American people more unconstitutional legislation that is bad for Iowa. This takeover of our health insurance system is unconstitutional and infringes on the rights of citizens by mandating the purchase of a service. This legislation as been pushed through behind closed doors and it violates the public trust of each and every citizen, who deserves the chance to see it in the full light of day. The taxes which will start immediately will do more harm to an already weakened economy and do further damage to businesses everywhere.

“I call on each and every elected Republican to lead the charge to repeal this bill before it can fully take effect in 2013. I will press for legislation which returns every dollar, with interest, that has been unconstitutionally taken from the people and businesses of our country.” Dave said “If we want to establish our credibility as limited government conservatives once again we need candidates leading the charge who will fight for you and I will go to Washington to return that power to the people.”

The people of the 3rd District are looking for transparency and even after many Iowans showed up to tell Lock-Step Leonard this bill was unacceptable he chose to ignore them. Today we know the price of our politicians all over the country, unfortunately these bribes come directly out of your pocket and the pockets of future generations. We applaud Steve King and Tom Latham who are standing strong for Iowans, so I’m asking for your vote to send reinforcements to Washington who will fight for you in congress.

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