The Audacity of Corruption: Boswell & His Lies

March 16th Leonard Boswell sent out a press release on why he supports health insurance reform quoting President Theodore Roosevelt saying “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain difficult…”

He goes on and says, “[f]or nearly 100 years, we as a country have recognized that there is a need to reform our health care system, but have instead let partisan bickering and politicking trump the health and well-being of our loved ones…

“…It will address the fact that medical expenses are the number one cause of bankruptcy in this country…

“…My priority has always been to make sure that the needs of all Iowans are addressed in final health insurance legislation…

“…Just last month, 80,000 individual policyholders in Iowa were faced with premium hikes averaging 18 percent…

“…Small business owners have been unable to hire additional employees because they can’t afford the increase in insurance costs.”

Yet another great example of the audacity of corruption.

Leonard Boswell has done nothing but politicize healthcare along with his left standing hypocrite friends.  They claim to address issues like medical bankruptcy, high insurance costs and quality of care issues yet in our own VA Hospitals currently run by the government they’ve done nothing but mismanage the entire process to the detriment of our Veterans.  This bill will do nothing to control costs.  You can’t lower premiums when costs are rising for the manufacturers and expect anything to happen.  This will lead to higher consumption rates and higher costs.

Leonard Boswell claims that he has always been working to ensure Iowans are addressed in “final” health insurance legislation.  Is that why he stood by and said nothing when Obama, Reid and Pelosi were making threats to some and bribing others to agree to this debacle of a bill?  Leonard stopped caring about Iowa and stopped voting for Iowa long before now.

Leonard Boswell uses fear-mongering tactics arguing that 80,000 Iowans saw insurance premium hikes this year yet they are the ones that are not allowing interstate competition to lower those costs.  This is what happens when you have a government regulated monopoly.

Leonard Boswell claims that the reason small businesses can’t hire new people because of the costs of insurance.  Has he forgotten we are in the middle of a recession and that the cost of a new salary is much more daunting than health insurance?  Unemployment is not tied to healthcare costs.  It is tied to the fact that the economy isn’t growing and won’t grow until Boswell and his colleagues step out of the way.

This bill is nothing but corrupt.  Leonard Boswell and his leftist leadership have done nothing but propagate lies and hide facts.  These are fabricated lies.  Government run healthcare will not decrease costs.  Government run healthcare will not increase availability. Government healthcare will not improve quality.  Government healthcare will not fix our economy.  Government healthcare is unconstitutional!  Congress has no right to dictate what I do and don’t do with my body.