We Have a Right to Carry!

Iowa’s attacks on our Constitutional rights are disgusting. Not surprising, the Des Moines Register put out an article the other day stating their poll shows that 50% of Iowans don’t want to change gun laws. Than they go and quote a “big, big” gun person who doesn’t want the gun laws changed.

Well. Guess what. YOU don’t dictate what is and is not constitutional. Currently in Iowa, County Sheriffs have complete control over whether or not you can have a concealed weapons permit. They can keep you from receiving a permit whether or not there is a reason that you shouldn’t. The Register’s interviewee said “Sheriffs should have the right to deny a permit for a concealed gun for any reason, say if someone’s been ‘in and out of trouble but doesn’t have a conviction.”

What does that even mean? In and out of trouble but no conviction? This is absurd. The Register’s poll neglected to mention that citizens with no criminal record and no other compelling reasons for denial could in fact, be denied. Rather, they just said this regarding Sheriff’s discretion,

“The Legislature might also change the law about carrying concealed weapons so that county sheriffs could refuse to issue a permit only under a set of limited circumstances; currently, sheriffs have full discretion in whether they approve a permit to carry a concealed weapon or not. Do you favor or oppose a change to reduce the discretion sheriffs have? [emphasis added]“

That’s a joke.  Anyone that is not familiar with the debate and issue would see this as legislation to make it harder for Sheriffs to deny permits to those who shouldn’t based on nationally accepted limitations – like prior gun convictions.

Since when did the government have the right to limit our Constitutional rights for no reason?  Where’s the due process?  This absurd law needs to be changed and Iowans need to stand up and vote in support of their Constitution.  We must get rid of these Constitutionally ignorant politicians who are in favor of destroying our freedom and liberty.  Vote them out and stand up for your right to carry!