As you may have heard by now, the three Navy Seals who captured Ahmed Hashim Abed (the mastermind of the brutal murder of four American civilians in 2004) were arraigned last week on charges that they mistreated this Al-Qaeda terrorist.

Abed’s tactic is part of the terrorist game-plan. Al-Qaeda’s training manual encourages captured terrorists to claim they have been injured by their captors.

I believe we should stand up for these Navy SEALs who put their lives on the line for America. Instead of being the target of any prosecution, these brave soldiers deserve our support and praise for accomplishing the dangerous mission given to them.

I have launched http://www.savethenavyseals.com to demonstrate the support that we Americans have for these brave soldiers, and to ask the military command to drop any charges against them. This trial sends the wrong message to the men and women in the armed forces who have to use force on a daily basis to fight al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

Will you sign the petition if you have yet to do so?   Also, please share this website www.SaveTheNavySeals.com to your friends and family so they too can support this cause.

I will take your name back to Washington to demonstrate the overwhelming support that these soldiers have.

Thank you for supporting our military!