Remind the Speaker Who Really Influences Votes - You

Last August, you went to public forums and town halls across the country to hold your members of Congress accountable for their votes. You made your firm opposition to a government takeover of health care crystal clear. And on September 12, hundreds of thousands of you descended upon Washington to say once again that you would not be ignored.

Congress took notice. But now, Speaker Pelosi and other top Democrats in Congress think you’ve been lulled to sleep.

As they try to secure votes with deals for individual members, Democrat leaders are attempting to create a sense of momentum by claiming they have the necessary 218 votes for passage in the House. They want you to think a government takeover of health care is inevitable. They want you to throw in the towel.

Don’t let them fool you.

The substance of the Democrats’ plan hasn’t changed since August. Their government-run plan will still drive private insurance out of business – reducing the quality and availability of care. Their myriad of new bureaucracies will still come between patients and doctors. Their individual mandate will still limit choice and innovation. Their employer mandate and new taxes will still eradicate jobs and decrease prosperity. Their dismissal of real medical liability reform will still leave patients with higher health care costs.

There is no momentum for this plan among the American public. In fact, a recent Gallup poll shows the exact opposite.

“Compared with last month, Americans have become more likely to say the costs their family pays for healthcare will get worse if a healthcare bill passes. Forty-nine percent of Americans say this, up from 42% in September. Meanwhile, the percentage who expect their costs to improve is unchanged.”

“In addition to costs, a greater percentage of Americans now compared with last month also expect their healthcare situation to get worse in terms of the quality of care they receive (from 33% in September to 39%), their healthcare coverage (from 33% to 37%), and the insurance company requirements they have to meet to get certain treatments covered (from 38% to 46%).”

The more Americans learn about the Democrats’ plan, the less they like it. The real problem evident in the Gallup data is the number of undecideds.

The Republican Study Committee has fought tirelessly to inform the public about the dangers of a government takeover of health care and the need for patient-centered reforms like H.R. 3400, the Empowering Patients First Act.

We will keep fighting, but we need you to remain engaged and active in this process. Don’t believe the hype coming from Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid. We have the momentum. We can win this fight.