The "Speak-In" Continues

Twenty-five days ago, an arrogant act by Speaker Pelosi as she exercised her iron-fisted control over the House resulted in the initiation of our ‘Speak-In’. She cut off the microphones, turned off the cameras, and shutdown the House in an attempt to silence the voices of representatives of millions of Americans. Pelosi stopped debate because she knew she would lose if she allowed a vote. Unfortunately, what the Speaker continuously forgets is that her position is entrusted to her by all citizens, not just by extreme-left special interest groups.

Over the last four weeks, we have stuck to our mission of advocating a comprehensive energy policy that includes conservation, new energy technologies, and developing American resources for Americans. We have continued to give voice to the American people to anyone who would listen – relating the harmful effects of incomprehensible inaction and dangerous obstruction by Democrats in Congress.

In this advocacy, several points have been demonstrated:

Once again, we have proven the hypocrisy of Democrat leaders, forcing many of them, including Nancy Pelosi, to admit that exploration of American oil resources is an important component of our energy future. They have shown that their values are only as solid as polling numbers.

We have proven that Republicans in Congress are committed to action, with over 130 members having participated in our ‘Speak-In’ on the House floor. While Democrats have put vacations and grandiose political conventions ahead of duty, these Republicans have worked tirelessly to do their job.

We have even proven that Republicans will not be outworked – at least five days a week, and Democrats none – with us showing up, without fail, to speak out in the House chamber on this vital issue.

Most importantly, we have proven that America is with us and we are with them. From the thousands of visitors around the nation joining us on the House floor to supporters sending countless letters and phone calls urging our continued action, Americans are standing up for what they believe and demanding to be heard.

But, even with the gains we have made and the monumental involvement of the American people, we must remain vigilant. With the stench of cynicism and smug political gamesmanship, Democrat leaders are preparing an “energy plan” full of dubious anti-energy ingredients meant to fail. They will then beat their chests and publicly say they advocated for American energy while privately condemning our nation to inaction.

Today, I return to Washington to help colleagues continue the battle. For the American people, we must not concede defeat and let the obstructionism of the Democrat majority persist. With your support, we can ensure a vote on a comprehensive energy bill that will provide American-made energy for our great nation and allow us to become energy self-sufficient. With your support, we will succeed.