Recess Revolution

It is rare that one gets a chance to realize the historic nature of a series of events while they are still ongoing – to watch history unfold before your very eyes. But, this is one of those times. We need not look back in reflection to see how the winds of change are sweeping through America this week. With the nation more despondent with their leaders than ever before, one act of arrogance allowed the American people to see that there is a voice for them in Washington.

Last Friday, as we stood ready to speak on behalf of the millions of Americans crippled by high gas prices, the microphones in the House of Representatives were cut off and members were denied an opportunity to speak to and for the American people. As the lights fell, House Republicans became energized around one shared understanding: the American people will not tolerate having their voices muzzled. So we began to speak. Instead of being shut out, we fought for American energy in the dark until the last tourists were shuffled out of the hallowed House chamber.

One week later, our voices are still going strong in the darkened chamber, and a gust of change has been carried from Washington out to the American heartland.

The American people are no longer willing to allow their leaders to put partisanship, special interests, or vacation before serious solutions. They will no longer accept an abandonment of the American can-do spirit. We are a nation of achievers, and we will no longer allow the Speaker and a liberal Democrat majority tell us we cannot meet our energy needs.

As the events of this past week have shown, and the coming months will continue to demonstrate, the American people are taking back the People’s House. They don’t want Speaker Pelosi to have free reign to impose her anti-energy views on unwilling Americans. Citizens across this great nation have risen and realized they have a voice in the House, even if the majority is intent on silencing it.

It took an act of arrogance to spark a fire, but it has been lit. In the coming weeks and months, House Republicans pledge to hold the feet of this liberal majority to that fire. Just as the American people, we will not accept the Democrat majority’s indifference to America’s challenges.

With your help, we will fight back. We simply ask this of you: call your representative, Democrat and Republican, and ask them to join our call for more American energy. Prove that they are with the American people and not beholden to Speaker Pelosi. If they are serious about changes, serious about progress, every member will join us and demand Congress return to work for a positive solution to this energy challenge.