Our goal is to retire Nancy Pelosi by electing Republicans who represent your values in government.

Three votes on the stimulus and budget…three times House Republicans stood unified in opposition to wasting taxpayer money on trillion dollar boondoggles. Yet each time these disastrous bills passed the House.

Even with such a unified caucus, House Republicans cannot control the agenda in Congress. Our goal is to retire Nancy Pelosi by electing Republicans who represent your values in government. A Republican Majority will apply fiscal sanity to our national spending…lowering taxes and putting more money in your pocket.

But to achieve a majority we need to retain our current Republican numbers before adding to them. That is where the Patriot Program comes in to play. The Patriot Program’s goal is to work with incumbent Republican Members of Congress to provide them with the necessary support and organization to win reelection. It is imperative we limit the number of incumbents who fall victim to the Democrats and their far-left money machines such as ACORN, Big Labor and Hollywood. Even though some of these Members are in tough districts and know they will be targeted by the Democrat attack machine, they stood by their conservative principles and courageously voted against the trillion dollar boondoggles. It wasn’t an easy vote to take and they’ll be attacked for it – so we need to give them the defense they need.

Today is the first Patriot Day of the 2010 cycle. We have unveiled our first ten Members who have qualified for the program by achieving, or surpassing, a series of goals and standards. I hope you will visit the NRCC’s Web site to learn about these Members and make a donation to the NRCC or to the Member(s) of your choosing. Please also continue to check back often as we continue to unveil new Patriots throughout the cycle.

Nancy Pelosi and her puppets are pushing an agenda that may be acceptable in San Francisco, but is far left of main street America. That is why she is working 24 hours a day to widen her majority by recruiting and campaigning for out-of-touch Democrats who will do nothing but raise your taxes to pay for bloated, failed government spending.

Reelection is often won before election day through fundraising, organization and connection with the voters. The Patriot Program provides Republican incumbents with a blueprint to ensure they are reaching and surpassing these goals. Democrats are pushing hard to increase their majority and without your help House Republicans can only do so much to stand against their unchecked control of Congress.

House Republicans are ready to fight to regain a Majority in Congress, and I ask you join us in standing up to Nancy Pelosi and her puppets.