Health Care: “This fight ain’t over”

When Harry Reid passed a government-run health care bill two weeks ago, he believed the long battle was done. He was wrong. After months of speaking out against a government takeover of health care — via phone calls, letters, town halls, protests and online activism — the American people will not quietly accept this fate. Now, the roughly 2,000 page bill is being negotiated behind closed doors — even after the president promised at least eight times that this process would be televised.

C-SPAN has offered to broadcast the negotiations anytime, anywhere. This failure to respond to C-SPAN’s broadcast request is appalling. While transparency was once the “touchstone” of Obama’s campaign, it’s clear that promise was mere campaign rhetoric.

The health care bill is the business of the American people. They should be consulted in negotiations, as every citizen will be gravely affected by the outcome. Elected officials have rushed this massive government takeover of health care through Congress to accommodate a fear-filled political agenda. Democrats have disrespected and mislead the very people they were elected to represent.

House Republicans will fight for the public’s right to know until the very end. This isn’t about policy or politics. This is about preserving freedom and limited government. This health care bill violates the essence of the American system: democracy, transparency and accountability to the people. President Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and a majority of Democrats, have turned a deaf ear to the people.

They are about to find out this fight ain’t over yet.