Obama is no Jesus Christ

Sometimes, members of Congress get carried away and make ridiculous statements while speaking on the floor of the House. When they do they make a mockery of our work and our democracy.

I am taking a stand to keep the floor of Congress clear of flagrant, political and absurd comments that denigrate religious views. It starts with my official protest vote to block the approval of Wednesday’s comments by a Democrat House member who compared his presidential candidate to Jesus Christ and alluded the Republican vice president candidate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, is akin to Pontius Pilate.

To that I say: I know Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is a personal friend of mine. Sen. Barack Obama is no Jesus Christ. My protest statement is not yet published online, so I am making it available to you here:

Madam Speaker, I rise to explain my opposition to the Journal vote, roll call vote 585, earlier today.

In my time in politics, I never thought that I would hear any candidate for political office compared to Jesus Christ. Yet yesterday, on the floor of this House, one of my colleagues did just that when he painted the work of Barack Obama equal to the life of my Savior.

Madam Speaker, I know Jesus Christ; Jesus Christ is a personal friend of mine. Senator Obama is no Jesus Christ.

But it’s not just Senator Obama; such a comparison is ill suited for any man, for all of us have fallen short of the standard that Christ set for us. Jesus’ example was a life lived humbly and with love for all his fellow men, regardless of their background. As this campaign season sprints to the finish, I implore my colleagues and the candidates in both parties to strive for a higher, more purposeful campaign and rhetoric and to treat opponents in a manner that we ourselves would like to be treated.

Before I made this statement, I expressed my discontent on my blog, http://www.mikeconaway.com/obama-is-no-jesus-christ

In case you missed Wednesday’s unfortunate episode, you can see the video and read about it here – http://www.politico.com/blogs/bensmith/0908/CohenJesuswasacommunity_organizer.html

Several other House members voiced similar protests. I took the extra step last night to make an official protest entry into the official record of House floor comments to cement my protest and my sentiment.

I am sharing all of this with you here, at RedState, because I know this community wants members of Congress to serve with respect and a sense of duty. Rather than disparage my colleague, let’s urge all members to keep their campaign rhetoric outside and away from the place where we are doing the people’s work.