President Bush should call the House into Special Session to deal with the Energy Crisis

This morning, our GOP House leadership delivered a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) asking her to call the House back into emergency session this month to deal with the country’s growing energy crisis. The letter said, in part:

With American families and small businesses facing record high gasoline prices, Congress has adjourned to leave Washington for a five-week break. The message this sends to the American people is bad enough; its ramifications, however, are far worse. You have the power to call Congress back into session at any moment to deal with issues of urgent national importance…

Congress should not take the next five weeks off while the American people suffer at the pump. We respectfully request that you schedule a vote on the comprehensive American Energy Act during an emergency legislative session this month.

As could be expected, she and her fellow House Democrats disagreed, and followed their early vote for adjournment by heading out of town and leaving the American people to deal with rising gas prices and energy uncertainty while they enjoyed a relaxing five-week paid vacation.

Unfortunately for Speaker Pelosi, her plan didn’t work as well as she had hoped.

Speaker Pelosi responded by sending Capitol Police to remove reporters from the House Gallery — the latest of multiple Democrat attempts to prevent information about what is happening on Capitol Hill from reaching the American people. When combined with the effort made a few weeks ago to regulate Representatives’ use of the Internet to communicate with their constituents, it becomes apparent that the Democratic leadership will do anything it can to keep the American people from knowing what goes on in the People’s House.

Further, I went a step above the Speaker in the chain, and wrote a letter to President Bush asking him to use his power, granted under Article II, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution, to compel Congress to immediately return to session so that the bi-partisan, pro-drilling majority can be given the opportunity to vote on legislation that will actually provide relief to the American people during this time of energy crisis. The letter can be seen here.

We are currently facing an energy crisis because of our reliance on foreign crude oil and natural gas, and that dependence is not going away in the near-term.

There is no quick-fix to our ongoing energy crisis. But one thing is certain –- we must increase domestic drilling for crude oil and natural gas. The Democratic majority refuses to focus on the immediate problem at hand, and instead is looking decades into the future for possible solutions and ignoring today’s high gas prices.

By choosing not to drill and not to use American resources now, we are basically accepting $4 gas prices and giving our money to corrupt leaders like Hugo Chavez in exchange for foreign sources of energy. The U.S. has vast resources available both in Alaska and offshore that we could be utilizing in an environmentally-sensitive manner, if only the Democrat leadership would bring legislation authorizing such drilling to the House Floor.

Since Speaker Pelosi has decided to take a paid vacation instead of keeping the House in session to let this vote take place, it is up to the President, if this issue is to be addressed, to covene Congress for the purpose of doing so. I am glad RedState’s Directors have suggested the same thing, and I hope the President will act on our combined call to timely action.