Happy Birthday and Congrats on RedState 3.0

Happy fourth birthday, RedState. Perhaps the greatest weakness of the internet medium is that we can’t sing you the “Boehner Birthday Song” in person.

I ran for Congress in 1990 because, like your contributors and users, I believe strongly in the need for a limited and more accountable federal government. Since that time technology has changed dramatically, but the fundamental need for oversight and passionate citizen activism has remained. The internet has been a gift to our democracy, increasing the transparency of our political process and giving the American people a powerful tool for the rapid exchange of ideas and information. The community that has been cultivated here at RedState has made the most of this gift, using it to hold elected leaders accountable and providing a vibrant forum to discuss conservative principles and reforms that offer hope for a better, more secure America.

While RedState has already left an indelible impression on national politics, we must not forget the critical need for activism on the state and local level. Having served previously as a state legislator, a township trustee, and even as president of my neighborhood homeowners’ organization, I can attest that getting involved makes a difference. I’ve watched with appreciation over the past four years as the RedState community has steadily increased its involvement in local government with impressive results. I look forward to seeing further evidence of that expanding reach in the weeks and months ahead with the launch of RedState 3.0.

As we look ahead to the challenges of this year and beyond, I’m encouraged by the fact that the conservative movement has cemented its position online in growing communities like RedState. Our mission together now is to continue building and continue fighting. Building a better future for America requires new conservative ideas rooted in our enduring principles. By harnessing the power and possibilities of technology, RedState is now poised to play a larger and more pivotal role than ever in that process.