The United States of America – Our Government Today

It is nearing August 2010 and look where we are today.  Our federal government, [mis]lead by President Barry Soetoro (a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama), has 1) begun to impose higher taxes to support the new entitlement programs passed by a liberal Congress and signed into law by our socialist President.  2) Resurrected racism to a new level,  increasing the racial divide. 3) Failed to effectively prosecute those engaging in both voter fraud and voter intimidation. 4) Embarked upon the nationalization of private industries [Auto, Banking, Health Care (including Insurance, Medical, Medical devices…), and many more to come]. 5) Begun to dismantle the Capitalist economy as we know it. 6) Risen the distaste of the People for politicians to new heights with the deceptive practices being employed by the Administration, by Congress, and soon by the Supreme Court.  Is this the America we grew up in?  Is this the tolerance we were taught in public schools to appreciate and practice?

If this is not the time to become involved in your community, involved in the direction of your life…if not now, then when?  Your actions have consequences for you and for your neighbors.  Stand together and take back our government.  Hundreds of thousands of brave Americans have died to preserve our right to vote.  Is it not our responsibility to elect those who will represent our values as they legislate.  Is it not time to terminate those with self-serving agendas that pollute Washington?  Is it not time to elect officials with an integrity sufficient to uphold their oath of office?  If not now…then when?

The United States of America is at a juncture in its political evolution that will have significant consequences for the world.  No…we are not the world, but our economy, our intellectual prowess providing a multitude of inventions, our generosity,  our military power…our being, has impacted the globe since our founding.  Our net effect on the quality of lives for billions around the world has been positive.  The decision of the Masses in America on November 4, 2008 was not for the Change that has materialized.  The People could not have wanted to diverge from the founding Principles that include: a Constitutionally limited Government, Equal Justice for All, Domestic Tranquility, a Strong National Defense to protect our borders,  a Government that would promote the general Welfare for our People, and Secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.  If not now…then when?

Yes, it is nearing August 2010 and look where we are today.  Envision where we might be in November 2010 if you do not get involved!