Start in Massachusetts to Stand together against Federal injustice.

How can one man make a difference today?  How can one woman stand up against injustice effectively?   We cannot truly believe that the lawlessness enabling the genocide of Rwanda, the events bringing us into Somali, and other similar type experiences are isolated to those places alone.  Here, living in the United States of America, is what I know.  Can this country, the United States of America, collapse into such chaos?  Can we lose the respect for the rule of law that binds the fabric of our society?  When such injustice is apparent, what actions are justifiable by the People to recapture our government?

Could the events that occurred in 2008 with the Presidential election irregularities reported across the country signal the beginning of such chaos?  These irregularities were simply swept away with little notice.  Once we turn away from this injustice to pretend it did not exist, we turn toward the loss of a common respect that all good men and women abide, so as to live in a safe community; one where liberty for ourselves and our prosperity is a principle highly valued.

One man, one woman, must stand next to another… shoulder-to-shoulder.  Your political ideology is now irreverent in the face of a splintered belief that we can live together, side-by-side in a country that respects the dignity of one’s life, respects the rule of law, and respects the Constitution for the United States of America.  It is critical that we return to a Constitutional government, respecting the achievements of great men and women before us that have paved the way for the lives we lead today.  Doing this will heal our country and bring us together as Americans; not Liberals or Progressives, Conservatives, etc.  We must do whatever is necessary to stand strong together; black, white, red yellow, brown…all together.  Congress must be taken back to a governmental body as it was designed; to represent the People’s will as it carries out the People’s business. 

One who does not cast a vote, cannot complain about the outcome of the race, and cannot complain about the direction of the country. You can make a difference no matter where you stood in the past.  Vote your conscience.  You know that a signal must be delivered in a clear manner.  Support the candidate that will uphold the responsibility of the position they seek to the People…All the People. Vote for the candidate that will protect the integrity of the Constitution. 

To our friends in Massachusetts, I ask you to stand tall for America by electing Scott Brown. Remind all whom you speak with to go to the polls on Tuesday to vote for Scott Brown.