If it happened there…could it happen here?

Friday, October 16, 2009, By Dan DeLallo, CongressFirst.org

For over a year I have had fears of the results that an Obama Presidency would have on American society.  Of course, one might immediately imagine I am referring to race issues, but anyone thinking this would be seriously incorrect.  My fears were, rightly or not, more regarding the damage that an Obama Presidency, combined with a Liberal Congress and the possibility of a Liberal leaning federal Judiciary, could have on our economy, our society and our way of life. 

Looking at the policies and programs being forced upon all Americans, the reality of my fear is coming into focus.  Tonight I came to a startling realization while watching a CBS news broadcast.  Near the end of the story about the CBS Correspondents that had covered Afghanistan, one correspondent described life in Afghanistan in 1982.  During his monolog, video of life in the country was shown depicting people walking the streets…going about their daily lives.  The video illustrated life not unlike that in any European or American city.  Women were dressed as they would be in America, Britain, Australia, or any other “Western’ country.  This is in stark contrast to life today in Afghanistan; where women are pressured or forced to wear the hijab and burka, in a country where Islamic rule is ubiquitous. 

Apparently there has been drastic “Change” in the society of Afghanistan since 1982.  We are also witnessing drastic “Change” in the American society; one that I have known and loved my entire life.  Could it be possible that this is all in the design of the Obama Machine?  Where are the Liberal Executive and Legislative Branches of our government taking us?  We have seen the reckless and unaccountable spending of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the pending costs of American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, the planned nationalization of the health care insurance industry through America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009, the acquisition and distribution of ownership of the American Automobile industry…and on, and on, and on.

As we know, given the spending of these Acts, the future generations of Americans will never be able to realize the quality of life as did Obama, all in his family and friends, all those working in his Administration, all those currently in Congress distributing our tax dollars, and all of earlier generations during the past seventy years.  Instead, this Administration, along with the current Congress, has traded the American Future for their present day indulgence.  They are attempting to create a two tiered class system in America as seen in other past and present day tyrannical governments around the world.  Does the Taliban fit this model?  Obama and his cronies will reside in the Ruling Class reaping the rewards of their conquest.  This Ruling Class will dictate laws designed to control every aspect of our lives; from the toilet paper we use to the food we eat, to the light bulbs that illuminate our evenings.   These laws will not constrain their daily activities, nor hinder their desires.  They will control the Working Class through select entitlements.  The Sheeple will fall in line in order to be granted their daily rationings.  Those not adhering to the rules set forth will be penalized without recourse.

As one former President debated the meaning of the word “is,” this President was elected without defining his platform of “Change.”  The “Change” some voted into power will deliver an America not too far from present day Afghanistan.  God Bless each and every one of Us – The People.