There are no illegals

The recent killing of three members of the Bologna family in San Francisco, allegedly by an illegal Salvadoran immigrant who had been shielded from deportation on at least one occasion has now become the tarnished example of what happens when cities choose not to enforce the law: Law abiding citizens pay the price. Here’s some background, and some thoughts.


“As Newt notes in the video above, the Secretary of Homeland Security says that 2 million of the 11 million illegal immigrants in this country are convicted criminals — and yet they have not been found nor deported. Pile on top of this the effect of sanctuary laws like that in San Francisco and how are Americans supposed to feel safe?”

I don’t feel safe. My wife and I live less than an hour from where the three men were killed, and we are not comforted by the sanctuary mentality that is clearly biased towards what SF Mayor Gavin Newsom says is a desire to protect immigrant rights, and not mine.

One thing is clear: Visit San Francisco and turn down the wrong alley at the wrong time and you, too, can become a statistic of bad government policy.

Mayor Newsom says that Sanctuary is a response to the federal government’s lax policy on immigration. I would offer that The Balogna killings were a response to San Francisco’s lax policy toward gang violence and criminal behavior.