Elen Degeneres, President Obama and "QUALIFICATIONS"

This may be news for many Red Staters . . . but Elen Degeneres has been hired as a “judge” on one of the reality shows – I believe it was “American Idol (Idle?)”. Anyways, the uproariously amusing thing is the number of people that can be heard on the entertainment “news” shows and in other airheaded media outlets who are expressing concern with regard to her qualifications!

Apparently, Ms. Degeneres does not have any substantial experience in the relevent areas of music and performance and there is – seriously – quite a bit of grave concern over the act of putting a person into a position without adequate qualification. Seriously. I’m talking grave, sincere concern that is clearly a result of careful, in-depth and thorough reflection (careful reasoning can, after all, be applied to silly things as well as serious ones).

Now I know that leftists are inherently subjectivist (selectively applying or ignoring a principle based on convenience), but this really takes the cake. I am sure that most of these intellectual entertainment-followers were Obama voters. Being the “right sort of chap” in an ideological sense is apparently adequate for the highest office in the United States, but it is not sufficient for a judge on a “reality” program. You gotta be QUALIFIED for something THAT important!

I am not sure what to make of this, except to make note of it and its humorous/depressing/ironic value.

A NOTE IN MY OWN DEFENSE: I feel it appropriate to point out how I discovered this vast left-wing concern, lest it create the impression that this is being written by a reader of Variety and “O Magazine”, etc: There are a couple decent talk programs on a local radio station (Hannity and a local conservative). Unfortunately, the radio station is definitely a second fiddle in a smaller market, so they apparently run the cheapest thing they can get at other times and it turns out that both of these programs are followed by an entertainment “news” program. Accidental exposure thus results from time to time (i.e. when I am in the middle of something and cannot immediately change stations), but if one avoids the urge to gag, interesting things can be learned on occasion in odd places.