Romney-Ryan: A Ticket for the Strivers

I have consistently advocated for Mitt Romney to release more specific proposals and promote his own policies for recovery. Today, however, I hope that Mitt Romney will continue to keep up the good work and follow through on his solid efforts with a solid Vice-Presidential pick: Representative Paul Ryan, Chairman of the House Committee on the Budget.

I had previously thought of candidates ranging from Bobby Jindal and Susana Martinez to Fred Thompson and Tom Coburn. All of these offer their unique strengths and areas of expertise. Nevertheless, I believe that Congressman Ryan would be the best choice Governor Romney can make, as the race stands now.

Paul Ryan would help Romney to regain the trust of grassroots Conservatives. He would have instant credibility with the base, but also with Establishment Republicans and our more moderate brethen. This is because Paul Ryan has constantly advanced proposals to create a smaller, simpler, and smarter federal government, consistent with Gov. Romney’s own efforts in Massachusetts, and is a firm advocate for taxpayers. Paul Ryan would thus reinforce Romney’s credentials as a competent reformer.

Paul Ryan would also signal that Romney is serious on renewing America’s free enterprise economy. I have often criticised Romney for his lack of focus on specific, positive plans. Picking Paul Ryan would show both Conservative Republicans and independent voters that Mitt Romney is intent on pushing through the tough choices needed to get our fiscal house in order and create the best environment possible for job creation.

For these two simple reasons, I believe that Paul Ryan would be the best choice to complement Romney’s strengths as a successful businessman and reformer in public service. Paul Ryan is also one of the most articulate champions for balanced budgets and economic freedom in today’s Republican Party, and he has proven that he can work with others in Washington and find common ground without abandoning the cause of liberty and opportunity. He embodies the Tea Party’s approach to changing Washington from inside out.

If Team Romney wants to fight this election on its own terms, they have their man for Veep. Romney-Ryan’s the ticket for the strivers.