Four steps to influence your community...

The MSM has been successful in making mainstream America think conservatives are mindless ninnies. But we have one resource the MSM and liberals don’t have.


In my last post I talked about getting out from behind your computer and doing some heavy lifting. The more I think about this, the more committed I am that we MUST do this. The RNC can’t or won’t do it, the state and even local parties won’t or can’t. So here is the homework.

1) Identify the service opportunities in your area. Think small. Homeowners Associations, PTAs, local jurisdiction committees, whatever. They are out there. If you have a local Republican or conservative elected official, call him or her and ask them. Any elected official who’s been in office more than one or two terms knows where these positions are, and may even help you get on them. WARNING: they are volunteer, and they take time away from your family, friends, football games, internet chat rooms, etc. Be prepared to sacrifice.

2) Once you’ve made a list, choose two or three to focus on that match up well with your skills and/or interests. If you’re a teacher, your knowledge base on some education advisory committee will be extremely valuable. Even if it’s not a politically oriented group, ESPECIALLY if it’s not a politically oriented group, you should be there.3) Reach out to the people who can get you in the game. In my last post I mentioned the Economic Development Committee I served on. I had to be nominated by a member of the City Council and approved by a vote of the full Council. They didn’t know me from Adam–I got on because I had a pulse, was willing to submit a resume, and was willing to show up at meetings the first Friday of every month at 7:30am. But I got a chance to build a record of positions and issues, got to testify before the City Council, and eventually was selected Chairman of the Committee. Every City Council member knew my name, and that Chairmanship is a logical stepping stone to the Council itself.

4) Once you’re on the committee or the board or whatever, SHOW UP ON TIME, WORK HARD, and build relationships. You would be surprised how many people want to be on these boards just to pad resumes. Meanwhile you are building a record of service. You are WINNING.

You’ll be working with your neighbors and friends and colleagues and all the people in their networks. You will be demonstrating that conservatives don’t have three heads. We’re not mean and nasty and unreasonable. We’re problem solvers.

I have seen lots of conservatives lamenting the lack of a farm team, and acting like the RNC or the state or local parties are falling down on the job. That’s your Inner Liberal talking. They wait for some bureaucracy to set up a program to do things for them. We identify a problem and GET IT FIXED.

The problem is that there are not enough conservatives at the REAL grass roots levels of service in this country. GET IT FIXED!