Why aren't YOU serving your community?

With all the fuss over the presidential election, and the House and Senate, I think we are losing sight of the reality that Sarah Palin should have called to our attention.

All over the country, in EVERY SINGLE jurisdiction in America, there are places to serve. Not just volunteer, not just talk, stuff envelopes, SERVE.

Some examples: for two years, I was on the Economic Development Committee in my city of about 50 thousand people. Many of these committees and boards have open slots. You can join almost just by having a pulse and a willingness to show up and contribute.

These are the kinds of positions in which you build a record. You will have a chance to get exposure standing up for the things you believe in, and you will gain valuable experience really doing something, instead of just talking about it. You’ll also meet people who can help you take the next step–getting elected to an entry-level office.

My city’s council is non-partisan and City Council members serve four-year terms. In the last election cycle, the top three vote-getters won election. The third-highest vote total was about 2800 votes. The MOST any member spent getting elected was $4000. Shoe leather and a little bit of network building can put that kind of money and vote total together–and before you know it, you are an elected official.

YOU can do it. The resources, like GOPAC and others, are out there to help you win. You will have to sacrifice, and you will have to put your butt on the line. But it’s worth it…and Sarah Palin should have taught us all that you NEVER know where it might lead.