Who Will Primary John Ensign?

This guy is throwing John McCain under the bus to cover up for his failure to recruit capable candidates and raise enough money to support them. For his failure and disloyalty, he deserves to have his career ended.

Politico reports “His comments come as the NRSC moves to distance itself from McCain, airing ads in two races that assume the GOP nominee will lose and warning of complete Democratic control of the capital.

“Some Republicans, including those not tied to McCain’s campaign, believe Ensign is already moving to shift blame for Senate losses.

“‘No doubt it has been a tough year, but he’s been so undisciplined,’ said one senior Senate aide, noting these and other candid comments about the GOP’s dim prospects. Ensign, this official said, must take some of the blame for the party’s poor recruitment of Senate challengers.”

Yes, Ensign actually said the words “Joe Biden is much more qualified than Sarah Palin is.” And someone in Nevada MUST be more qualified to be a conservative Senate leader than John Ensign.