Tea Party -vs- OWS, the battle begins?

Considering our limited options for protesting government corruption, we have two major possibilities: The Tea Party or Occupy Wall Street.  Therefore, let us take a closer look at each political movement.

The TEA in Tea Party stands for taxed enough already.  Occupy Wall Street stands for something yet to be determined, maybe somewhere between increasing “social” justice and spreading communicable disease.

The Tea Party held massive rallies around the country in the summer of 2010, avoiding disruption of the communities they met in. The Occupy Wall Street movement has squatted in city parks for nearly three months and caused businesses to lose customers, leading to layoffs and the closing of at least one small, New York City business.

The Tea Party rallies were free from violence, infections, rape, child molesters, public sex, riots, and public defecation.  Occupy Wall Street has brought us all of the above!

The Tea Party returned the U.S. House of Representatives to the Republican party and took over dozens of state houses in a record setting reversal of fortune for the Democrats in the elections of 2010.  Occupy Wall Street has returned New York City to a higher crime rate, as the police are busy dealing with the now declining numbers of protesters.

The Tea Party brought left-wing pundits with headlines about the Tea Party’s potential for violence and accusations of overtly racist tendencies.  Occupy Wall Street has brought actual violence, actual calls for insurrection and literally eating the rich, actual militant communists, actual devout socialists, and actual anti-Semitism.

The Tea Party has made calls for greater personal accountability.  The Occupy Wall Street movement has made calls for less personal responsibility and greater entitlements, moving well beyond the safety net.

The Tea Party is filled with individuals who are able to offer viable occupational skills and realize hard work and perseverance still doesn’t guarantee anything; such is life.  The Occupy Wall Street protesters believe that a degree in Latin entitles them to a supposed right to employment, forgiveness of debts they voluntarily accepted, and whatever else they think you’re obligated to give them.

When considering these differences, it’s also important to point out that the Republicans worked to co-op the Tea Party movement, but the Tea Party continues to bring accountability to the Republican Party.

In addition, up to this point, the Democrats have tried to co-op the Occupy movement.  Yet, as the Occupy protests have grown in arrogance and presumptiveness, Democrats are distancing themselves, for fear of the political fallout of supporting protesters that middle-America finds deplorable.

There is one area where each protest movement shares common ground.  Both the Tea Partiers and the Occupiers agree that the collusion between government and large corporations is too much, as demonstrated by the massive bailout of 2008.

Then the divergence begins again when you understand that the Tea Party believes the best way to minimize corruption at the federal level is to reduce and restrain the size of government.  Whereas, the Occupiers believe that growing government and greater government oversight will reduce corruption. They believe that the problems that big government has brought us can only be resolved through yet bigger government.  What’s the definition of insanity again?

As you can see, there is definitely an aura of disgruntlement among our citizenry, and there are definitely a growing number of people who are willing to put down the video games and IPods in order to vent their frustrations in the public realm.  Yet only one option, the Tea Party, has demonstrated an ability to affect change, rather than just providing a convenient atmosphere for mindless chanting, unruly mobs, and the literal drum beating of the Occupiers.

In the end, both the Occupy and Tea Party factions may eventually fade into history, but the Tea Party’s penchant for constitutional governance and its demands that our nation live within its means represents the ideals that would likely start moving our nation in a more prosperous direction.  Whereas, the Occupy shenanigans and their push for an ever growing nanny state, coupled with the call for cradle to grave privilege at the expense of another, will continue to be representative of 99% of the problem!