Obama longs for days of "entire population...hearing one source of news""

In a recent interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Obama was asked about the lack of hope and change in DC and continued partisanship, he gives a couple reasons why.   One reason, congressional districting was a theory he has seen proposed.  The second reason, freakin chilling, was his own idea of the diversification “splintering” of the media.   He longed for the days where “…the entire population just watching Walter Cronkite hearing one source of news.”

I am surprised I haven’t seen any coverage on this.    Obama, off prompter, adding his own belief that the problem is splintered media.

Here is the transcript from CNN for context:


A quick question.  You know, Washington, I’ve been there a long time –

OBAMA:  Right.

BLITZER:  – a lot longer than you’ve been there.

OBAMA:  Right.

BLITZER:  When we spoke here, end of 2008, hope and change.

OBAMA:  Right.

BLITZER:  You know what I see in Washington still to this day?

OBAMA:  More of the same.

BLITZER:  The same old, same old.

OBAMA:  Yes.

BLITZER:  Lot of bickering, backstabbing –

OBAMA:  Maybe a little worse.

BLITZER:  – name – why?

OBAMA:  Well, you know, I think what’s happened, you know, there are a lot of theories about this, part of it is you have theses congressional districts that are now so Democratic or so Republican that people don’t feel like they need to move to the center and try to find some common ground.  They dig in their heels.  They’re more worried about a primary fight coming up from their own party, and I think that contributes to it.

Some, frankly, Wolf, is I think the media’s changed.   You know, it’s much more splintered.  You don’t have the entire population just watching Walter Cronkite hearing one source of news.  Now everybody’s kind of going off into their respective corners.

Obama: “Ultimately the buck stops with me. I’m going to be accountable.”
What might be even be more revealing is that Blitzer had no follow up on that.   His hair did not stand on end as a member of the supposed ‘check and balance’ media when a sitting President in this day and time longs for the day of one source of news for the ENTIRE population.  It is an admission that Blitzer knows he is a part of that one media carrying on the propaganda for the left.   Why wouldn’t he reply with, “Mr. President, are you saying you would rather have one source of news media?, Please clarify your remarks.”

I tried finding a video clip of this part, if someone locates it, please post.

Obama blames the bickering and backstabbing(read not everyone agreeing with him on every step) on the lack of ONE news source for the ENTIRE population.

Truly chilling and very revealing.