A 3 year pivot to jobs, jobs, jobs, how 'bout a pivot to reality, Mr. President?

This will be a short diary because what else can you say after watching this video montage.  The President has been jawboning for over three years about jobs, jobs, jobs, pivoting to jobs, focusing on jobs.   Evidently he thinks anytime he needs to soothe America all he has to do is mention jobs.

Like blowing smoke on a bee hive.  Obama has nothing but smoke.

Notice he pulls out the “focus on jobs” after every left wing push in which he does tremendous damage to America.  Stimulus disaster=>jobs jobs jobs, Obamacare=>focus on jobs, etc….Jobs to obama is blowing smoke and whispering sweet nothings in America’s ear after bending us over.

Even the Congressional Black Caucus is now getting restless as obama has thrown them under the bus during his jobs death march tour in his black jobs hearse.   He skipped the hardest hit areas and opted for low unemployment cities.   Does he dare take his Misery tour to Detroit?

Again, he says he is going to blow some more smoke and read his mirrors in september, after his vacation, and think America is going to be placated by some magic words by the prompter reader.

This video should be the number one campaign weapon against Obama.  These montages really expose the smoke and mirror fraud in chief.


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