Hidden taxes and inflation from Obama's fiscal disaster


Talk about inflation and taxation.  Prices for all kinds of fines/violations/licenses/fees are skyrocketing as governments are scrambling to raise new revenue to pay for all the programs in place.

This is a prime example of government only looking out for itself in the interest of self preservation, and not looking out for you.   Oh yeah, “it’s for your safety!”  Open wide, you are about to swallow another load of Obama’s economy.

California’s State Senate President Darrell Steinberg admitted lawmakers raised traffic fines to raise revenue – not for traffic safety or to change driver behavior. It’s “one of the patches that we’ve relied on to avoid deeper cuts” to state programs, he said.

But closing a $28 billion dollar deficit isn’t easy. Consider these Golden State fines:

* Driving one to 15 miles over speed limit is $215. Compare that to $50 in Idaho and Washington State.

* Run a stop sign: $236

* No seat belt: $148. In Louisiana, the same infraction is $25.

* Broken headlight: $100

* Park in a disabled spot: $1,043. A second offense is $2,000.

* Pass a school bus with flashing red lights in San Francisco: $754

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/04/19/balancing-budgets-drivers-backs/#ixzz1K5EU6tFK

Government officials are even putting out quotas in memos to law enforcement:

But it’s not just California. In a memo obtained by the Boston Herald, local police chief Ken Coye instructs his officers in the suburb of Malden to write at least one traffic or parking ticket per shift.

“We need to increase enforcement in areas that create revenue,” says the Coye memo. “Write ‘ONE TAG A DAY.’”

The noose is tightening all over in many ways.  All caused from trickle down poverty from corrupt big government DC.  This cancer metastisizes and grows everywhere.  Yet there are roughly 50% of duped American’s saying “Thank you sir, may I have another!” at the ballot box.

We get the government we deserve.  I hope America has learned an expensive lesson already and wise up for future elections and take an active role in taking our country back.

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