Soros and Ritchie strike AGAIN in MN? Governor Race

I woke up this morning happy to see that Tom Emmer closed the gap overnight on Mark Dayton in the MN Governors race. But….

Dayton – Emmer Governor race gap is about 9,000 votes. AFTER a “glitch” was found and corrected, that DOUBLED Daytons votes by 60,000 in urban Hennepin county. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

The mistake doubled candidate vote tallies in the state’s most populous county. The effect was to artificially inflate DFLer Mark Dayton’s advantage over Republican Tom Emmer in the governor’s race. When the correct numbers were posted on the Secretary of State’s website a few hours later, Dayton saw his lead shrink by about 60,000 votes.

Before the polls closed, the day went by with few problems.

Big crowds were reported at some polling places during peak times. Secretary of State Mark Ritchie said, in general, the lines moved quickly and most reported issues were minor.

“Any efforts to intimidate seemed to not really work. Any efforts to kind of disrupt the elections seemed to have no impact,” said Ritchie.

Mark Ritchie won again last nite (who is supported by Soros SOS project) was worried about straw man fantasy “intimidation” by tea party voters and poo pooed the 60,000 vote doubling for Dayton as “minor” when the race gap is 9000. After Coleman-Fraudken I don’t know how anyone would vote for Ritchie again?

The race is now up for a recount. Here we go again.

Why this race is close is another topic, especially on a night where we saw a red tsunami. I’m only drinking bottled water from out of state from now on.

Good news: Bachman wins as well as ultra lib Oberstar loses!