You've now heard it all, DEMS call Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert as expert witness on immigration

Yep, for the last 5 people in this country who don’t think this administration is a joke, here you go.

It seems that Colbert is now an expert since he spent one day in NY as a vegetable picker.

“He’ll talk about what he learned, why he did it and what’s important to do for farm workers,” an aide for a Democratic member of the committee familiar with Colbert’s testimony told ABC News.

One day, one freakin day.  I hope this is a comedic routine to break up the tragic comedy that goes on in DC every day while America falls apart,  but it doesn’t sound like it.

Just what is the fascination with hollyweird by the left anyway?  Is it that they are always in fantasyland?    From angry comedians as spokes people(garafalo, franken) to unfunny comedians as senators (Franken),  Sean Penn and Glover as jackass ambassadors to Chavez,  James Cameron as an oil expert etc….on and on

This is the best this administration can do?  Invite yet another comedian(at least Colbert is funny), for serious testimony on a serious matter?  A person who worked ONE DAY in a field?

I’m hoping hollyweird has actually moved to DC and this is all make believe, a charade for some upcoming comedy.   But sadly, this is reality and America is suffering for it for the cheap thrills of a few elected establishment elites in DC.

Ironically, Colbert will actually bring some needed reality to DC by revealing how much of a big joke this administration has been.    Openly and honestly right to America’s face.

The elites laugh in our faces, “what recession?”, things are well here inside the beltway, full employment, big money and benefits, parties galore, perks from lobbyists.   The joke’s on YOU America!   Whatcha gonna do about it?