A telling stat of why we are where we are today.

I heard Joe DioGuardi, running against Kirsten Gillibrand, on an interview today and he pointed something out that is shockingly telling on why we are where we are today.  It really got my attention and alerted me to something very wrong with our system.

Joe said, If Kirsten gets elected, she will be the 57th (The Won’s fave #) Senator out of 100 that is an attorney.    If Joe gets elected he’ll be the only certified public accountant.   Think about that for a moment or two and its implications.

If I remember right from the interview he also said there were approximately 250 attorneys out of 435 in the house of representatives.   I’m not sure how many CPA’s are in the house but I sure as hell know, not enough of them.

These people are responsible for America’s check book.   No wonder all we get is 2,000-3,000 page bills full of complex gobbledy gook, most of them are attorneys!  You’d think they are being paid by the word!

Obviously something went wrong.  Wasn’t congress intended to represent the cross section of America?   Over half of Americans are certainly not attorneys.  Yes, they are a necessary evil these days but not over 50% in CONgress.

We need more real citizens in congress, business leaders, accountants, concerned parents, people that respect the Constitution.