Napolitano joins Holder, admits she has not read the AZ law, but "wouldn't sign it" anyway


Someone pinch me, I was hoping this was just a nightmare.  Is there ANYONE, one person in this administration that has any respect for the law?  Any respect for actually reading something before they go and flap their gums about it?

Folks, this is NOT an incompetent administration.  This is a more dangerous focused administration with their eye on the prize.  The ends justify the means.

Since this administration intentionally doesn’t read anything I wish someone would slip a 90% pay cut into a bill.

And not a peep from the lame stream media.

Remember when the media attacked Sara Palin for what the lame stream media thought she read or didn’t read?

What about TWO top Obama admin officials admitting in public they don’t read the 10-20page law they have been publicly vocal about?

Remember, a key takeaway in every one of these type of stories is it is NOT incompetence.  It is a deliberate plan by this administration to weaken America with the help of their useful idiots in the lame stream media.